'Confidence To Return helped us to retain staff and ensured that they were fully equipped and happy to return'

You are a business owner or a busy HR professional who also understands the importance of the wellbeing of your teams.

You want to give them maximum support when they are facing personal issues or life-challenges. You also want to prevent employees being absent, off sick, or risk losing a valuable, talented and experienced employee.

Maybe they have an issue and you don’t know where to start?

Or has a line-manager reported that an employee is behaving differently or displaying emotions that are unlike them?

Here are some of the employee issues we have supported over the past few years:

  • conception and pregnancy problems, including being unable to have children
  • getting the diagnosis of a disorder, chronic or terminal illness, affecting employees and their loved ones
  • coping with and coming to terms with grief
  • being involved in or witnessing a distressing situation
  • going through a challenging personal relationship or divorce

We offer a flexible and responsive approach to support them and your business.

‘Her one on one coaching skills really made a huge difference to our employees, allowing them to feel supported and equipped when facing challenging times’

We do this through two business areas:

Our individual employee Coaching Services include:


In-Work Preventive Coaching

This in-house coaching guides employees through their individual issues or challenges, to prevent absence or sick leave.



Becoming a parent is life-changing, whatever your gender or family format. We guide your employee before they leave, through to a well-managed return to work.


After Diagnosis Coaching

Used when an employee announces they have a disease, disorder, syndrome or condition and you want to support them.


Return to Work Coaching

Maybe your employee is already off work through illness, or a loss and bereavement. We support the problem and manage a phased return back to work.

Our tailor-made Training and Workshops for teams and one-to-one include:


to teams

Team announcements of colleague diagnosis or illness


After Diagnosis, training and workshops

Training that educates teams to support colleagues


Presentations, Training and Workshops

On areas such as employee resilience and mindfulness



Ready to speak on gender equality issues

These can be tailor-made to meet your business needs and objectives.


  • one-to-ones
  • groups
  • larger teams
  • presentations
  • half-day workshops

Together we can support your workforce, whatever life throws at them