At Confidence to Return we understand that no two employees are the same. Just as each works differently, they also react to personal challenges in different ways.

As an employer, you want to support your valued staff through whatever comes their way. You want them working well and back to feeling like themselves again.
Confidence to Return takes the pressure off you as an employer and frees up your valuable time.

We're an external resource to support your employee. There whatever the cause and for however long, we guide your employees through those big life changes:

  • parental leave - the daunting prospect of becoming a new working parent
  • experiencing a trauma or illness
  • death of a colleague or the loss of a loved one

We are an intermediary who can help you keep valuable, talented and experienced employees.

We identify and support the challenges they face. See how we implement EMDR Therapy to assist employees in a more effective and faster way. 

Confidence to Return offers them support when you need it most.

We’ve all experienced times when life is going along happily until, suddenly, a big personal ‘event’ happens. Our emotions can build up and overwhelm us at work, maybe causing poor concentration, an outburst, tears, withdrawal, lateness.

You don't want to lose valuable, talented and experienced employees, so take action before the problems grow. Help prevent employees being off sick long term or worse, leaving.

Together we can keep your valuable employees enjoying their work lives, whatever life throws at them.

We do this by guiding your employees and teams through big life challenges:

In-Work Support Programme:support your employee early. Take action before work suffers, or anxiety and depression lead to long-term sick leave.

You think an employee needs support: get in touch

Parental Programme: give new parents a plan and benefit everyone. Our approach is inclusive and gender neutral. It builds on traditional maternity leave coaching and suits all family formats.

Return to Work Programme: use a sensitive approach to support employees back to work after an illness or trauma.

Grief and Bereavement Management Programme: help employees manage grief and move forwards to acceptance. For use after personal bereavement or the announcement of a colleague’s terminal illness, or death.

Our programmes are:

  • tailor-made to meet the needs of each employee, and your business
  • delivered one-to-one or in group workshops

We have a gender-neutral approach that supports your diversity and inclusivity policies.

And our work supports your diversity recruitment drive. We coach experienced candidates back into the workplace with confidence.

Our work is based on personal experience and affiliated training in a range of modalities, including counselling, coaching and mentoring.

See details of affiliated training at My Story

You need a tailor made programme: get in touch

Driven by personal experience, Confidence To Return is backed by affiliated training in a range of modalities, including counselling, coaching and mentoring.

Key business benefits

Our programmes:

  • cut recruitment costs
  • increase retention rates
  • retain valuable employees
  • improve performance and engagement
  • enhance your reputation as an employer of choice
  • narrow the gender pay gap and improve gender balance
  • create diversity at higher levels
  • develop talented women through recruitment initiatives

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We help employers and HR support their workforce when they're facing big personal challenges

We help employers and HR support their workforce when they're facing big personal challenges

'I cannot recommend Sandie and her services enough. Her one on one coaching skills really made a huge difference to our employees, allowing them to feel supported and equipped when facing challenging times. The employees were extremely grateful for what she did for them. I have no doubt I will work with her again in the future and will be highly recommending her to my other HR contacts. Thank you Sandie!' Becky King - HR Partner at CAE (UK) PLC

'Sandie is an amazing, and very user-friendly operator providing benefit to HR teams, by supplying external Return to Work programmes that enable employees to be fully supported through having a baby, after illness or through a personal bereavement and successfully back to work. I can recommend her unreservedly.' Charlie Keeling, Interim HR Director at HFW LLP'

Sandie speaks on gender equality issues:

In March 2018, Confidence to Return founder Sandie Dennis made a speech to HR professionals titled, 'How to Reduce the Gender Pay Gap' at an event at the House of Commons, London. 

In July 2018, Sandie spoke about, 'Parental Leave - Is there a Solution?' to women solicitors, held in partnership with Women Lawyers and Mothers group and Bird & Bird LLP, London.

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