Welcome to Confidence To Return, we offer a support service for your valued employees when they are facing personal issues and life challenges.

 I’m Sandie Dennis and I have personally written and produced a selection of Covid-19-related free resources. They are intended to offer extra support, and to help you navigate these challenging times with your employees.

Please feel free to download as many of these guides as you like, and share them with your employees.

''I would highly recommend Confidence to Return to any employer wanting to provide this unique service to their employees"

Founded by Sandie Dennis, Confidence to Return works closely and flexibly alongside business owners and HR professionals, to support valued employees facing personal issues and/or life challenges.

In all cases, the focus is firmly upon supporting both the employee and the business, helping to prevent unnecessary sick leave, extended absence, and ultimately, the loss of a talented and experienced employee.

These include:

· Becoming a new parent
· Diagnosis of a disease, disorder or terminal illness
· Loss, grief and bereavement
· Miscarriage, adoption or conception issues
· #MeToo, assault, rape
· Divorce
· Physical abuse and coercive control
· Anxiety and depression
· Burnout prevention
· Suicide
· Long Covid
· Imposter syndrome
· Witnessing a terrorist attack
· Caring responsibilities

We do this through two business areas:

Our individual employee Coaching Services include:


In-House Preventive Coaching

This in-house coaching guides employees through their individual issues or challenges, to prevent absence or sick leave.


Parental Coaching

Becoming a parent is life-changing, whatever your gender or family format. We guide your employee before they leave, through to a well-managed return to work.


Return to Work Coaching

Maybe your employee is already off work through illness, we support the problem and manage a phased return back to work.

Our employee supportive services include:


Post Diagnosis

Used when an employee announces they have a disease, disorder, syndrome or condition and you want to support them.


Conception and Adoption Support

Supporting employees going through the difficult and often stressful journey of becoming a parent.


Bereavement and Grief Support

This area supports all areas of loss, whether it’s a loved one, or employees affected by a death of a colleague.

Together we can support your workforce, whatever life throws at them


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