Why maternity coaching is worth it for your business

Exciting news! Was it expected? A pregnancy announcement can have an uplifting effect in the workplace.

But as the congratulations subside, you think ahead. How can you ensure your most valuable employee wants to return at the end ofher maternity leave? You can arrange effective maternity cover but can you control whether this essential team member will be happy to return to her job?

Keep relationship alive
Despite the statutory 'keeping in touch' days, you worry that you will need to brush the dust off your working relationship in a year's time. Maternity Coaching can keep your business relationship fresh and benefit you both, providing continuity and support.

Confidence to Return coaches women during pregnancy, maternity leave and their return to work. We give them the tools and techniques to adjust to their new roles as working mums.

Question to ask about Maternity Coaching:

  • Has the coach got a bespoke approach? Worthwhile maternity coaching doesn't come 'out of the box'. Coaching should be tailored to the needs of each employee and employer.
  • Do you have a say on the topics covered? You need to exclude content not relevant to your business, and focus on what is.
  • Can you choose how many sessions, where to hold them, and how to distribute them over the maternity leave? They need to be convenient and fit with your HR maternity package.
  • Will you get feedback during the coaching and a review at the end? Reviews should let you know the return on your investment, while respecting confidentiality.
  • Can you choose to make Maternity Coaching part of your benefits package, or opt for an ad hoc approach? You need a coaching provider who can adapt to the size of your business, and be able to come to the rescue at short notice.
Create confidence to return
Having a baby is life-changing. Maternity coaching can help women feel supported and prepared rather than anxious and uncertain when considering their working future.

It will help you agree working boundaries and a flexible approach that helps them fit back in.

Maternity coaching will help your business:
  • Keep valued female staff after maternity leave, reducing turnover costs
  • Speed women's reā€“engagement with the workplace, allowing them to add more value, more quickly
  • Show talented women that you are a positive employer they want to work for
  • Foster an agreed work/life balance that is effective for everyone
  • Keep and boost representation of women in senior positions.
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