Wish you could read your pregnant employee's mind?

An employee tells you she's pregnant. You think 'maternity cover!' But what's going through her mind?

Excitement, joy, happiness? Or fear, guilt and anxiety? Possibly the whole lot, jumbled together.

Of course, you could ignore that and just play it by the book. Arrange cover and say goodbye for up to a year, maybe mentioning 'keeping in touch days' (but they're not compulsory, so there's no need to worry). Or you could consider maternity coaching, to keep your employee in the loop and full of confidence to return when she's ready.

Download our free guide 10 things she might be thinking: How to manage maternity leave to see more examples of what might be on her mind - and the negative effects it could have on your business. http://www.confidencetoreturn.co.uk/page/managing-maternity-leave/

Value of maternity coaching
Maternity coaching is a great way to take control of this negative internal chatter. She doesn't have to panic, and neither do you. You can both decide to plan, prepare and empower.

Good maternity coaching packages should offer a combination of structured practical advice and emotional support. With Confidence to Return coaching, your employees will benefit from step-by-step plans at every stage, along with help to build self-esteem and confidence, which might have been knocked by the serious business of having a baby.

From helping her remember to book a haircut for her first day back, to practising mindfulness when tiredness sets in, our maternity coaching can turn overwhelming anxieties into bite-sized actions.

Question to ask about Maternity Coaching:

●Has the coach got a bespoke approach? Worthwhile maternity coaching doesn't come 'out of the box'. Coaching should be tailored to the needs of each employee and employer.

●Do you have a say on the topics covered? You need to exclude content not relevant to your business, and focus on what is.

●Can you choose how many sessions, where to hold them, and how to distribute them over the maternity leave? They need to be convenient and fit with your HR maternity package.

●Will you get feedback during the coaching and a review at the end? Reviews should let you know the return on your investment, while respecting confidentiality.

●Can you choose to make Maternity Coaching part of your benefits package, or opt for an ad hoc approach? You need a coaching provider who can adapt to the size of your business, and be able to come to the rescue at short notice.

With Confidence to Return, the answer to those questions is 'yes'!

So, download our guide, and get in touch for more details of how maternity coaching can help your business. http://www.confidencetoreturn.co.uk/page/managing-maternity-leave/

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