'I'm considering not returning after maternity leave!'

Maternity leave is a wonderful time when mothers get to bond with their newborn baby, but as the end of maternity leave approaches, many women feel worried about returning to work.

This fear can be caused by a few different things. Maybe the new Mum feels like she has been off for so long that she is now out of practice, or maybe new employees have been hired and she is worried that the office dynamic will have changed.

If you think that one of your employees is experiencing these fears, don’t worry, as it is very normal to feel this way. Many new mothers dread the thought of going back to work after maternity leave. It can even make them want to quit their job completely, but thankfully, you can help that new mother to overcome her feelings of fear.

Maternity coaching

Maternity coaching is one of the best ways to ease new mums back into the workplace. Maternity coaches are experienced professionals who work with mums who are returning to work. They are aware of all of the struggles that the mum is facing, including a lack of confidence that can be caused by missing so much work.

The maternity coach will provide a combination of emotional support and practical advice to help the mum, so that she feels understood and supported. This helps the mother to work through any work-based fears that she has, and she can also ask for practical advice surrounding changes to the office.

You may be worried that your employee will leave, but in reality, it is never too late to offer support and make a positive difference. For many new mums, this support is the reason why they choose to stay at their jobs, as it helps them to stop feeling isolated and fearful.

If you want to ensure that your maternity leave employees return to the company, it is time to consider the benefits of maternity coaching. Discover more about coaching programmes by contacting: Sandie@confidencetoreturn.co.uk


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