Why it's never too late to start coaching for your employees

As hard as you try, you know work life is not predictable. An employee can be coping with a big life experience one week and struggling to concentrate or meet deadlines the next.

Remember, it’s never too late to use coaching to help them, whatever the challenge and whenever it happens.

Confidence to Return can come to the rescue and offer your employees positive, supportive action, with Parental, Return to Work and Bereavement Coaching Programmes.

How Confidence to Return can help

Let’s consider some scenarios:

Maternity leave

Your employee’s baby is having trouble sleeping and so is she. Significantly, she made it through teething but suddenly this is too much and her work starts to suffer. How can she admit that now she is just not sure where to start?

Her manager has raised it with you, and you know it’s wrong to brush it off, just hoping the new mother will ‘get over it.’

Confidence to Return can help your employee look at how she’s approaching challenges, at home and work, and break it down into manageable parts.

Remember the Maternity Curve? Well, it keeps going!

Return to work after illness

The novelty has worn off for your employee since he returned to work after recovering from his serious illness. For the first month, he felt thrilled to be back and wanted to work as hard as possible, clocking up the extra hours. But over time, he has realised that he has not got the energy he once had. He might be ‘better’ but the illness has slowed him down, and maybe made him more thoughtful. He is questioning his priorities, which has left him feeling confused, frustrated and angry with himself.

His colleagues are worried and have told you. You do not want to pretend that it’s all ok.

Confidence to Return can help him assess his situation and work out different ways to balance his life as it is now. Maybe it is about accepting change, or maybe learning to pace himself.

Bereavement management

A couple of your staff have realised it is a year since their colleague, and friend, died. And they’re surprised to find the grief washing back over them. They thought their feelings wouldn’t hurt so much, but it feels even worse. Maybe a long-running project has finally come to an end, and they realise how pleased she’d be. It’s just unfair that she isn’t there to get her fair share of praise and reward. She mustn’t be forgotten.

You’ve recognised the strength of feeling in the office but you are not sure how to react.

Confidence to Return can help you and your HR team offer support and suggest practical ways to deal with these feelings. With group or personal workshops, we can help everyone realise that these feelings are normal.

These are just three examples. I’m sure you’ve had to deal with lots more.

Never too late

Don’t worry if you didn’t think of using coaching earlier – you are thinking of it now, and that’s what matters.

Obviously, it is great if we already know your employee - having supported her through maternity leave for example - but it is not essential.

Confidence to Return is about looking forward. Get in touch to find out how we can come to the rescue!

Sandie Dennis, Confidence to Return

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