Is supporting an employee through a personal bereavement a challenge?

We all know our loved ones are going to die at some time and there is nothing worse than the emotional upset of losing a child, parent or partner, whether it was expected or unexpected. Nothing can prepare you for the heartrending anguish that tears you apart, how you will feel, how grief will affect you personally and how you will cope. Life seems to stand still while death takes over.

Whether they have died suddenly or have gradually faded away during a terminal illness, nothing can bring your loved one back. All you want to do is tell them you love them, give them one last hug or kiss. Grief can immobilise you and can take over your home life and your work life. It becomes difficult to cope with daily routines, nevermind the burden of having to make arrangements for the funeral or handle your loved one’s financial affairs. Everything else doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore, including work. We’ve all been through it, haven’t we?

I remember how it felt when my cherished Nan died unexpectedly from an aortic aneurism in hospital and my beloved father-in-law passed away after a brave eight months battle with a brain tumour at home. In both instances their nearest and dearest froze under the strain of grief and went into complete shock. It left me to take on the unexpected burden of dealing with everything that needs to be done before our loved ones could be laid to rest.

How do you cope as an employer or a HR professional when a team member tells you of the loss of a close family member or friend? At any given time one in 10 employees are likely to experience a bereavement. The Office of National Statistics tells us that more than 500,000 people die each year in England and Wales and the figure is likely to go up in the next 20 years.

Coping With Bereavement In Business

Do you have the time or energy to cope with a grieving employee and keep running your business? You may be a great HR professional, but do you have the skills to deal with a highly emotional team member who has suffered a bereavement like a pregnant employee who suffers a stillbirth, a manager whose son has overdosed on drugs or a director whose father has died after a long struggle with cancer?

You don’t have to cope alone. That is where Confidence To Return can help you.

We have undergone special training and have the experience and skills to support you and your staff through the worst possible scenarios involving death. We can help you with the individual concerned, on a one to one basis, or a team of employees who feel unsure of how to relate to their grieving colleague or we can just get involved to help the individual regain the confidence to return to work.

How Can Confidence To Return Help?

Our bespoke individual employee Loss & Bereavement Programme includes:

Understanding loss and grief

The stages of grief

The benefits of expressing grief

Coping strategies and building resilience

Returning to work

Long-term grief management

Our aim is to totally support your employee through one of the most painful challenges in their lives, so they will return back to work with confidence.

The long-term benefits of our programme is it:

builds employee commitment

reduces sickness absence 

retains valuable and experienced employees

be known as an employer of choice that values its employees

create a supportive community in the workplace 

If you would like to know more about how we can support your employees, or for either of our free guides: 'Good Bereavement Practice' or our personal guide, 'What to do when a loved one dies' contact Confidence to Return


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