Would You or Your Teams Know How To Cope With A Suicidal Employee?

A sudden death is sad at the best of times, but the loss of a life through suicide is even more tragic.

Whether the victim is a close relative, a distant family member, friend, neighbour, or colleague, you will more than likely feel an excruciating sense of loss and be asking yourself if there was anything you could do to prevent it happening.

But it’s hard to tell if someone is having suicidal thoughts, especially if you are an employer, as employees often keep their private lives private, don’t they? Especially men.

Recently I heard of a very sad incident about a man who left work one evening, only to commit suicide. His team was devastated and the large firm he worked for were left trying to cope with the after affects of what had happened.

Statistics show that men are more likely than women to take their own lives. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), adult males are three times more likely to kill themselves than females and the biggest killer of men aged, between 20 to 49 years, is suicide. Men who are divorced are the most likely to commit the deadly deed, according to research carried out by The Samaritans. ONS blamed relationship breakdowns as the main culprit and divorced men are three times more likely to curtail their own lives than men who are married or in a civil relationship.

The good news is that the suicide rate in Britain seems to on the decline and fell by 4.7% last year. Overall in 2016 there were 10.1 suicides per 100,000 people, compared to 10.6 in 2015. More is being done to increase awareness to try to reduce the number of suicides.

A spokeswoman for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said: “The recent decline in the suicide rate is likely to be due to the suicide prevention work in England by the Government, the NHS, charities, the British Transport Police and others.”

As an employer, you can take positive measures to actively help prevent any of your team taking their own lives. At Confidence To Return we offer special bereavement programmes. We have the skills and expertise to offer valuable support. We have undergone special training so we can aid you and your employees before the situation reaches that dangerous stage. We offer one-one support to employees facing challenges, such as divorce, but also provide after care, to support teams through the devastating impact that suicide can have, especially if individual employees were the last to see their colleague alive.

Ruth Sutherland, Chief Executive of The Samaritans was recently quoted in The Guardian as saying:  “Suicide is not inevitable, it’s preventable, and politicians, employers, health bodies and educators all have a role in identifying and supporting those most at risk.”

Izzi Seccombe, the chair of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board, said: “Suicide is preventable, but it needs to be everybody’s business to work together to tackle this tragic loss of life,”

Let our experts at Confidence To Return help you and your employees in your hour of need!

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