Why flexible support can work better than time-limiting EAPs

There's no doubt employee assistance programmes (EAPs) have benefits.

They offer immediate support to employees with personal and work-related problems They help employers reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. And they are confidential. No one knows who calls the 24-hour EAP hotline to talk to a counsellor.

Quick fix benefits

I can see the benefits of immediate EAP advice where the problem is:

  • financial
  • physical health related
  • drug related

An immediate direct and confidential response can be a helpful quick fix.

But for longer term life events, a more rounded approach is better. After all, the effects of births, illness and bereavements are not time limited.

Confidence to Return delivers tailored programmes to help you build on the EAP basics,

What EAPs offer employees

EAPs help employees with personal and work-related problems that may have a negative effect on their:

  • job performance
  • health
  • mental and emotional well-being.

EAPs usually provide:

  • free and confidential assessments
  • short-term and time limited counselling
  • referrals to other support providers

Some EAP support programmes also work with:

  • workplace violence prevention
  • critical incident and emergency response situations
  • training and education programmes
  • employee problems outside the workplace

EAP counsellors can also work with managers to address broader employee and organisational challenges and needs.

Benefits of flexible approach

More flexible and personal support programmes offer greater and more long-lasting benefits.

For example, Confidence to Return ensures your employee:

  • can contact us in person by phone, text and email, or meet us one-to-one
  • can speak to the same person throughout
  • benefits from long-term support, rather than a specific number of sessions
  • benefits from programme sessions longer than the usual 50 minutes to an hour offered in counselling

Everyone benefits from Confidence to Return being:

  • an objective link between you and your employee, to clarify contract issues, for example
  • connected to the HR process. Although confidential, we can make suggestions and communicate issues to benefit everyone

Broad range of skills

You should all benefit from our years of training and experience in:

  • life and business coaching
  • mentoring
  • mediation
  • conflict resolution
  • neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP)
  • loss and bereavement training.

Adding this range of modalities to counselling and psychotherapy helps support the whole well-being of the employee.

Same areas covered

And there’s lots of crossover in the areas where Confidence to Return and EAP can provide support. These include:

  • occupational stress
  • emotional distress
  • major life events, including births, accidents and deaths
  • family/personal relationship issues
  • work relationship issues
  • concerns about ageing parents

Discover how our coaching programmes can add to the benefits you offer your employees.

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