​ Are your employees secretly plotting to leave?

How confident are you that your employees are happy where they are?

Recently, I’ve been spending some time reflecting on my one-to-one sessions with employees at companies of all shapes and sizes.  As an employee business coach and a trauma therapist, it’s of course very important that people feel they are able to talk to me openly and confidentially.

And so, during the course of my work, I’ve encountered lots of different people, with lots of different stories to tell (including one employee who, sadly, had suffered four personal losses in less than three months). 

I have also worked with several employees who hinted that they were very likely to leave their jobs, with nobody at their workplaces any the wiser.

How would this make you feel, if this was one of your employees?  Would you be angry with them; would it make you want to tell them how ungrateful they are?  Would you perhaps shrug your shoulders, and say something like, “it’s OK, they weren’t performing very well anyway?”

Or would you listen to the reasons why?

Life and work can wreak change suddenly, and it can sometimes be difficult for people to adjust.  For example, I have worked with many employees who were returning to work after having a baby – many of whom told me they were thinking about not coming back at all.

I have also worked with employees who confided that they felt so overwhelmed, they believed that leaving was the only option they had.

So you might find it surprising that in all the time I have spent working alongside these employees, only one of them actually made the final decision to leave.  

I mentioned that person earlier in this post.  She was the lady who had suffered major personal loss.  However, even in these horrible and extreme circumstances, we were still able to achieve the ideal outcome, both for her and the company she worked for.

I’m not saying any of this to boast (although I am very proud of these employees, and the successful results we have achieved together, through the support of their companies).  I simply believe it’s important to underline the fact that a strong employee retention rate can sometimes take more than a good salary and an expensive benefits package.

It all begins with a listening ear, and a compassionate approach.

My company, Confidence to Return, can help strengthen your company’s retention rate, with one-to-one employee support and guidance that is truly bespoke.  Even in the most challenging of circumstances, this can help move an employee away from believing that leaving their job is the only option. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, we will explore their feelings and build their resilience, so that they feel better able to cope with the changes life has presented to them. 

This may lead them to stay, as it has done for the vast majority of the employees I have worked with.  However, if they do decide to leave, you and they can be confident that they do so with increased wellbeing, in a way that works for them, and for you.

To find out more, simply get in touch.


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