"What do you do to look after your mental well-being", is always a question I like to ask...

"What do you do to look after your mental well-being", is always a question I like to ask my clients and "I don't know", is usually a common answer I get back. Here's how it works:

Several of our employee clients returned for further sessions in the past week on the back of using the techniques and building resilience that I taught them. I'm very proud of the transformation they have made so far, and very much look forward to seeing them grow even more so over the coming weeks.

The best part of my work is to viscerally see a client transition from being anxious and feeling almost terrified to taking back control, which enables them to take brave steps to building their resilience and trust.

Client One-to-Ones:

I always like to begin with the resilience techniques and then use EMDR therapy as a last resort, so an employee can build this into the rest of their life, using the techniques I teach them. To explain self-awareness and see it grow is usually the first time a client has given themselves permission, or understood the importance of this daily practice. 

When I meet a client for a session, I always ask what they do for their physical well-being i.e. wash, brush their teeth et al, I then ask what they do for their mental well-being and the answers are always the same, "I don't know" is very much a common response. The client tends to then look up and around them, as if to discover something, so it's very much a revaluation to them when they go through their homework on the back of the techniques I go through with them. 

To learn more, see: http://www.confidencetoreturn.co.uk/page/emdr-therapy/

If you suspect that one of your employees has experienced birth trauma, or could benefit from our parental coaching programme, get in touch with us today to see how we can help your employee to move forward.

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