How To Stay Healthy (And Still Have Fun!) Over The Party Season

Does it always seem like you fall ill just as you, (or after) are taking a holiday? 

If you’re really unlucky, you could be one of those people who fall ill while they’re supposed to be enjoying that long-awaited break.

It isn’t surprising that so many of us are affected by illness while we’re away from work.  For one thing, a holiday never just happens on its own, does it? 

We rush here, there, and everywhere beforehand, making sure all the loose ends are tied up at home and work, packing for ourselves and the kids, then ensuring our pets and plants are properly looked after while we’re away.

During the indulgent Christmas party season, our poor immune systems can take even more of a beating, as we eat, drink, and socialise the night away.

Recently, I had a conversation with a Head of L&D in a corporate firm I consult in. He told me that he was still recovering from a virus that had turned into a nasty chest infection that began on the first day of his holiday and affected him throughout.

This was something that used to affect me.  I would dread taking time away from work, because I knew I would probably return feeling ill – particularly if I was travelling by plane.  

But as I was talking to this client, I realised that that hadn’t happened to me in a while.  I had successfully managed to prevent myself from falling ill on holiday.  So much so, that over the past few years I hadn’t even thought about it.

My GP had originally suggested some immune-boosting tips.  I’ve since expanded on these with some very effective remedies of my own, which I’m going to share with you here.

Hopefully, they will turn out to be just as effective for you!

1. Breathe through your nose

This sounds like such an obvious tip, doesn’t it?  But it’s true: we should breathe through our noses for the majority of the time, only using our mouths to take in air when we eat, talk, or exercise.

Nose-breathing is better for fighting infection, as your nose can filter particles and humidify inhaled air (which comes in very handy, if you’re on a crowded commuter train or a packed plane that’s full of coughs and sneezes!)

If you want to go further, a nose spray (like this GP-recommended range) could help to flush out bacteria and sterilise your nasal cavities.

2. Boost your health with vitamins and probiotics

I wrote a whole blog post about the link between your immune system and your gut, which is full of health-boosting tips. 

You could also choose a good, full-coverage vitamin and mineral supplement to your diet (I take Colloidal Silver every day).

3. Prepare for holidays in advance

If you can, get ready for your break by working from home a few days beforehand, or taking some extra holiday before you depart.

Prepare your holiday checklist a week in advance, ticking something off the list every day (washing, pet care, packing, etc.) to reduce pre-holiday stress.

Lastly, don’t forget to be kind to yourself.  Practise mindfulness, get plenty of sleep, eat good food, and delegate work and chores wherever you can.

If you’d like some personalised wellbeing tips and advice, why not get in contact? Confidence to Return works alongside HR and L&D professionals, and business owners, to support employee wellbeing in expert ways that promote a happy, healthy, and motivated workforce.


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