Ever felt like ending it all?

I’m sorry to give this blog such a bleak title.

But then, you probably recognise those feelings of gloom we can all find ourselves experiencing in those dark winter days of January.

No doubt your employees will, too. It’s no surprise that The Samaritans have reported January as being “a peak time for calls from people on the edge of despair”, as those feelings of
stress they had masked so well over the festive season begin to resurface.

Worse still, 2018 saw the sharpest rise in suicide rates in 16 years.

As you know, we all react differently to life’s changes and challenges. But if one of your employees was suffering from depression, do you think you could spot the signs?

With around 50% of long-term absences from work reported to be due to mental health issues (according to the NHS), it’s important to be aware of those early warnings wherever possible.

Yet at the same time, you are also busy, and perhaps even struggling with your own feelings at this time of year.

So, if you need a little help, my recent blog post, ‘Employee Depression: could you spot the signs?’ outlines some of the key signs to look out for.

I am also here for you and/or your management team if you do have any concerns about an employee, with a free assessment to help you gain an objective view, and to provide advice and

If you would like to, you can find out more about my company, Confidence to Return, and the services we offer by visiting our homepage I would of course be very happy to answer any
questions, and I would welcome the chance to arrange a confidential chat as

With my very best wishes,



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