'Confidence To Return helped us to retain staff and ensured that they were fully equipped and happy to return'

We coach your employees through 3 areas:

1: In-House Preventive Coaching

We’ve all experienced times when life is going along happily until, suddenly, a big personal ‘event’ happens. Maybe your employee is at work but struggling to cope after a traumatic or shocking experience — recent or from their past. Their line manager is worried about them — they’ve lost their workplace spirit and seem overwhelmed by powerful emotions, causing poor concentration, outbursts, tears, withdrawal or lateness.

You want your employee to feel supported, but you don’t want the problem to grow causing employee disruptions, absence, sick leave or worse, them leaving.

In-House Preventive Coaching is one-to-one and held in the office.

It includes:

  • processing emotions
  • developing coping strategies
  • building long-term resilience and wellbeing

(it can include EMDR Therapy for faster results)

'From an employers perspective this has resulted in observable changes in behaviour and wellbeing in the workplace, resulting in positive outcomes for both the company and the employee.' -  Hidden Hearing Ltd

2: Parental

Download our free guide: 10 things she might be thinking: How to manage maternity leave

You recognise the value of investing in employee wellbeing, especially when they face big life changes such as having a baby. Becoming a parent is life-changing, whatever your gender or family format*. It brings fresh challenges and new priorities that can make it hard to balance a new family with a career.

This one-to-one coaching is held at the office, then subsequently at employees’ homes. 

It includes:

  • developing the successful handover
  • working arrangements
  • integrating work and parenting
  • maintaining career momentum

(can include EMDR Therapy if they have experienced a traumatic birth) 

*Includes gender-neutral support for same-sex parenting and covers adoption, IVF, surrogacy and woman-to-woman egg transfer

'We would definitely recommend Sandie’s services to other Firms who are committed to retaining talent and supporting working families in the workplace'Watson Farley Williams LLP

What is life like for a new working mum? 

In my latest e-book, we discuss getting organised, the big challenges and returning to work.

3: Return to Work Coaching

Maybe your employee is already off work through illness. You want your employee fully supported and to benefit from a managed phased return to work. Maybe they have experienced, physical health problems, such as cancer, and are having treatment, or mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.

Coaching helps them deal with the issue, fears and loss of confidence. And it helps you to retain a valuable employee, who is ready to return to work with confidence.

This one-to-one coaching is held at employees’ homes.

It includes:

  • fears and limiting beliefs
  • building confidence and resilience
  • a phased managed return to work with follow-up
  • EDMR Therapy where necessary 

'...external Return to Work programme that enables employees to be fully supported and successfully return back to work. I can recommend her unreservedly.' Holman Fenwick & Whelan LLP

We want your employees to have the confidence to return to being themselves, whatever their experience.

Together we can support your workforce, whatever life throws at them

Your business can benefit from our Coaching Services by:

  • greater employee commitment and engagement
  • reduced sickness and wellbeing
  • retain valuable and experienced employees
  • build a supportive community in the workplace
  • enhanced reputation as an employer of choice

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