A Message from Sandie:

Drawing on my own experiences, I have personally written and produced this selection of Covid-19-related eBooks. They are intended to offer extra support, and to help you navigate these challenging times with your employees.  

Please feel free to download as many of these guides as you like, and share them with your employees, or anyone you think would benefit from reading them.  

If you would like any additional support or guidance, please contact me for a confidential, no-obligation chat.

With my very best wishes, Sandie

Covid-Positive Legacy. A Guide to Our ‘Great Reset’

Maintain Healthy Work/Life Balance

Post Covid-19: Take Care of Yourself During Recovery

Lessons In Self Care - How I Got Rid Of My Lockdown Slump

Lockdown Round 2: How To Stay Well And Avoid Anxiety

Getting back to work... Post Coronavirus

Stop Catastrophising Start Living

How to speak to someone who is grieving

How to boost wellbeing and ease stress

Breaking the Fatigue of Zoom Doom

Grieving a Coronavirus Death

Anxiety: Mental wellbeing support

How to juggle life, work and homeschooling

Recognising Situational Depression

Look After Yourself (and Cure Loneliness)

Links between wellbeing & sleep

Keep healthy and work from home

Fitness whilst working from home


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