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News of a terminal illness or death, whether a loved one or a colleague, can have a devastating emotional impact on employees.

We can't deny grief and bereavement.
• 1 in 10 employees are likely to be affected by a bereavement at any one time*
• Over 500,000 people died in England and Wales in 2016. This is predicted to rise in the next twenty years**
• 2.5 million people in the UK have cancer right now, and 1 in 3 of them are of working age *** 

Confidence to Return Grief and Bereavement Management programmes use a compassionate and  empathetic approach. They can help you support your employees when grief and bereavement affect them. Take a look at how we can use EMDR Therapy to effectively support your employee.

For our free guide: Good Bereavement Practice in the Workplace - click here

These are examples of our programmes. Every case is different. So, please call Sandie to speak about what you feel you need for your employees.

Individual employees facing terminal illness
We can guide your employee through all the emotional and psychological aspects of their illness, after the shock of receiving a terminal diagnosis.

Our main focus is their wellbeing, and supporting them through the realisation of the finality of their career. We support them through all stages of their illness.

Teams affected by bereavement
The news of a terminal illness and then the death of a colleague can have a devastating impact on those around them. Employees will be trying to come to terms with their grief in the workplace.

We support their team after the announcement, and after the death of their colleague.

Personal loss and bereavement
We offer one-to-one support for employees coping with personal bereavements, such as the loss of a partner, parent, child, baby through stillbirth or miscarriage.

We guide your employees through the initial stages through to their return to work.

For everyone, we can help manage the many aspects of grief, and eventually, help them move forward towards acceptance.

​Our Grief and Bereavement Management Programme allows you to:​​

  • offer one-to-one support throughout when an employee is told their illness is terminal
  • help teams talk to and support their colleague
  • support teams after the sad announcement of a colleague's death
  • offer one-to-one support for employees affected by personal bereavement

Grief and Bereavement programmes content

One-to-one employee Support:

  • employee terminal illness announcement
  • support offered throughout their illness
  • loss surrounding the end of their career
  • expectations
  • goals
  • expressing emotions
  • mindfulness & self-compassion
  • wellbeing

Personal loss and bereavement:

  • exploring and processing emotions
  • developing coping strategies
  • adjustment
  • returning to work
  • moving forward to acceptance
  • long-term grief management

Teams & Group Training:

  • death of a colleague
  • understanding loss and grief
  • stages of grief
  • common emotions expressed through grief
  • building resilience
  • ideas for remembrance
  • creating a supportive community

Colleagues supporting a personal bereavement:

  • attitudes to death and dying
  • cultural differences of loss and grief
  • the stages of grief
  • develop communicating skills
  • create a supportive community in the workplace

Long-term benefits of Grief and Bereavement Management:

  • builds employee commitment
  • reduces sickness absence 
  • retains valuable and experienced employees
  • builds a supportive community in the workplace
  • enhances your reputation as an employer of choice

If your employees are trying to cope with Grief and Bereavement at work, Confidence to Return can help.

Please get in touch for a conversation about our bespoke support programme.

Call 07939 916779 or email

'Sandie has listened, provided tissues, asked the awkward questions, kind and caring, guiding me through what I can only describe as my darkest days.....I can honestly say that if I hadn't had the support, I wouldn't be here at work full time today.' Business Service Employee, LLP, London

‘Thank you for all your support. I don't believe I would have done it without you.’ Finance Manager

‘Sandie has such a warm, open, friendly and compassionate personality. She’s the whole package.’

‘Sandie is able to tune into people on their level … Her skill is in making people take responsibility for the way they feel and creating action plans to move forward in their lives.’

*Breffni McGuinness MAQ (2009) Grief in the workplace
**Office for National Statistics: Deaths registered in England and Wales: 2016. Released 19/7/17
***Estimate is based on prevalence, incidence and mortality trends: (Prevalence in 2015 estimated from Maddams et al 2012. Prevalence in 2030 and 2040 taken directly from Maddams J, Utley M and Møller H. 2012.) Projections of cancer prevalence in the United Kingdom,2010-2040. British Journal of Cancer. 2012; 107: 1195-1202. (Scenario 1 presented here)’


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