If something is affecting an employee’s well-being, it makes sense to offer support early.

Maybe they are struggling to cope at work after a traumatic or shocking experience — recent or from their past. Their line manager is worried about them – they’ve lost their workplace spirit and seem overwhelmed by powerful emotions, causing poor concentration, outbursts, tears, withdrawal, lateness.

The Confidence to Return In-Work Support Programme is preventative. We want to guide your employees through their challenges, so they don’t need to take long-term sick leave for anxiety or depression, or worse, leave. See how we use EMDR Therapy to support this.

Emotional triggers

Shocking or distressing experiences happen to us all the time. Examples include:

  • finding out you cannot have children
  • being diagnosed with a chronic illness
  • being robbed in the street
  • witnessing a distressing situation
  • getting groped at an office party – #MeToo
  • a challenging divorce

Different reactions

There are many triggers and we know different employees will react and recover differently. One thing is certain, hoping they ‘just get over it’ could be unrealistic, harm their wellbeing and your business.

Whatever the cause, Confidence to Return helps employees recognise their trauma, loss and grief and gives them ways to cope and move forward – while still in the workplace.

Our programmes are tailor made for your business and use face-to-face, email and phone meetings.

In addition to a range of talking modalities, we are trained to offer Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Total Release Experience (TRE) therapy.

In Work Programme content includes:

  • expressing and processing emotions
  • expectations
  • coping strategies
  • mindfulness technique
  • self-compassion
  • developing communication skills
  • long-term stress management

Our support continues

If things get tough again, your employee can contact us for support by phone, text and email. This follow-up service is included in the programme.

Business benefits In-Work Support:

  • builds employee commitment
  • reduces sickness absence 
  • retains valuable and experienced employees
  • builds a supportive community in the workplace
  • enhances your reputation as an employer of choice

Together we can keep your valuable employees enjoying their work lives, whatever life throws at them.


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