My Story:

If a valued member of your team came to you with a personal crisis, wouldn’t it be good to know that you could offer the support they need?

I founded Confidence to Return because in a former life, I was that employee who needed help. 

I had worked hard to achieve a successful career in publishing, being headhunted along the way, and promoted several times.

Everything was going well, until a combination of personal losses and complex, prolonged illness turned my life upside-down.

Suddenly, it felt as though everything I had accomplished up to that point was worthless.  My employer was sadly not able to offer me the support or the resources I needed to return to work, and my self-confidence vanished to nothing.

I realised that I had witnessed many good people, and many valued employees, struggle in the same way that I had.  I saw how easy it was for successful careers to come to an abrupt halt, and how businesses suffered as a result.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” (Lau Tzu)

It took time, but I eventually carved out a new path for myself, thanks in part to a voluntary counselling role working with children.  They helped me see that I was both a compassionate listener, and a helper who had the patience and understanding to coach others through difficult times.

I also came to understand that sometimes, employers do not offer the right support to their staff because they simply don’t know how to. 

The role of HR is becoming ever more challenging, with policies to uphold, and new employment legislation to account for all the time.  All that is demanding enough, without also being expected to magically know how to deal with an employee facing a terminal illness or a bereavement, or how to support a new mum who is about to return to work after a long period of maternity leave.

So I decided to re-train, gaining a range of qualifications (details below), which I combine with my own life lessons, and my knowledge and experience of the corporate world. 

This powerful combination is at the heart of Confidence to Return.

I now work alongside HR and L&D professionals, and business owners, to provide vital support to their employees during times of emotional turbulence and change.

There is no reason why a valued member of your team should have to lose a career they work so hard for, when with the right support, both they and you can deal with whatever challenges life decides to bring.

For a confidential chat about how Confidence to Return can help you, please contact me.

My Qualifications and Experience

  • ILM Level 5 certified Business Coach & Mentor
  • Corporate Coaching Diploma
  • Qualified Workplace Mediator
  • CPCAB Counsellor
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Loss and Bereavement Specialist
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Transgender Specialist
  • TRE (Total Release Experience) Trauma Practitioner
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Practitioner 
  • Workplace Mindfulness Specialist
  • Applied Neuroscience Accreditation 


As a qualified Mental Health First Aider, I am able to recognise the early signs of mental ill health. I have also studied Intuitive Development with Gordon Smith.


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