You recognise the value of investing in employee well-being, especially when they face big life changes such as having a baby or becoming seriously ill.

Confidence to Return has the experience, training and personal skills to support employees back to work with confidence that will benefit you both.

We create and deliver:

Parental Programmes

This is more than traditional maternity leave coaching. Becoming a parent is life-changing, whatever your gender or family format. It brings fresh challenges and new priorities that can make it hard to balance a new family with a career

Our Parental Programme:
• guides your employees through their experience
• gives new parents tools to adjust to their new roles as working parents
• supports a well-managed return to work
• is inclusive and gender neutral

Confidence to Return offers bespoke packages for:
• parental leave
• same-sex parenting
• fathers taking shared parental leave
• adoption
• surrogacy
• woman-to-woman egg transfer

 For our free guide: 10 things she might be thinking-How to Manage Maternity leaveclick here.

Return to Work Programme

Sometimes employees have to be away from work for a long time. Maybe they have experienced:
• physical health problems, such as cancer
• mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety
• a trauma
• new caring responsibilities

The Return to Work Programme helps them step back into work after a long break. It helps them deal with fears, feeling overwhelmed, and a loss of confidence. And it helps you retain a valuable employee, who is ready to return to work with confidence.

Promote your recruitment drive or ‘returnship’* scheme

We also offer Workplace: Return to Work Coaching and Mentoring Programmes, which are delivered in groups.
These programmes support initiatives to:
• increase gender diversity
• increase retention of female employees
• enhance your reputation as an employer of choice

*A ‘returnship’ is similar to an internship but for older professionals returning to work after a break. The term is trademarked by Goldman Sachs.

Programme structure and delivery

Confidence to Return programmes are:
• flexible and tailor-made to match your business needs
• delivered as one-to-one sessions or group workshops

Examples of programme content

Parental Programmes can include:

  • the successful handover
  • managing guilt
  • fears and expectations
  • confidence and Mindfulness
  • countdown to Return
  • integrating work and parenting
  • maintaining career momentum
  • time management

Return to Work Programmes can include:

  • work and what it means
  • fears and limiting beliefs
  • managing expectations
  • building confidence
  • mindfulness
  • phased return to work plan
  • countdown to return
  • the successful return

Workplace: Returners Programme can include:

  • motivations
  • identifying transferable skills
  • fears and expectations
  • mindfulness
  • creating a return to work plan
  • career momentum and goals

Looking after mental health needs
We have training in Mental Health First Aid.
And we can offer clients a Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9), which is used by GPs to evaluate how depressed a person is. It can help us judge if a client can be coached through their issues, or if they need to seek medical advice.

Meaning of gender neutral
We don't assume the gender of parents-to-be, or their roles in a family.
Confidence to Return will:
• treat each client as an individual
• ask each client what they want and need
• avoid labels such as 'new mum' or 'father-to-be'

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'We hope to continue to work with Sandie for any employee's returning to the workplace after maternity / paternity leave or a long term absence.I would highly recommend Sandie to any other employer wanting to provide this unique service to their employees.' Kate, HR Advisor Ferdinand Bilstein

'While she helped us to retain staff and ensured that they were fully equipped and happy to return, she also gave us a lot of invaluable advice on how to manage the team better, and her contribution was therefore magnified and sustained. We will undoubtedly work with her again.' Ben Simpson -  Director at Boyer, London

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