We support your employees through 3 areas:

1: Post Diagnosis Support

When an employee announces that they have been diagnosed with a disorder such as bipolar or a chronic illness such as MS, Parkinson’s, or cancer (which can quickly escalate to becoming terminal), they need a special sort of support.

We can guide your employees through all the emotional and psychological impacts of their illness, after the shock of receiving the news to supporting them through each stage of their illness.

This one-to-one coaching can be held in office or at the employees’ homes.

It includes:

  • juggling work, home and appointments
  • preparing for treatment/medication
  • self-care and wellbeing
  • loss surrounding their career (if terminal illness has been announced)
  • EMDR Therapy to support the emotional impact 

2: Conception and Adoption Support

Our compassionate, non-judgemental Conception and Adoption support is available to any employee who is going through the life-changing process of starting a family. 

We work alongside many HR professionals to design individual session plans for their employees, since some family planning methods will involve heart-breaking decisions and agonising waiting periods. This can naturally result in heightened emotions, and increased levels of stress. 

As well as supporting employees through ‘traditional’ conception issues, our gender-neutral services cover IVF, surrogacy, woman-to-woman egg transfer, foster care, and adoption.

Our sessions will usually include: 

  • juggling work and appointments
  • emotional/family expectations and workplace perceptions
  • decision-making
  • self-care, wellbeing, and how to identify a support network
  • building resilience
  • acceptance
  • stress management and coping strategies

3: Bereavement and Grief Support

Our Bereavement and Grief support takes a compassionate and empathetic approach, to comfort and reassure your employees during periods of loss.

This can include EMDR Therapy if the loss has caused lasting trauma.

Many HR professionals have used our services to help their employees when they have suffered the death of somebody close, whether a family member, a friend, or a colleague.  Unsurprisingly, sad news like this can create a devastating emotional impact.

We all experience bereavement and grief in different ways, which is why our approach is tailored to each person we work with.

"...She has also worked with employees to help them cope with bereavement within their team which has been invaluable to them and to those facing an uncertain future." - Winkworth Sherwood LLP

We will guide your employees through two areas of support:

Personal Loss and Bereavement

We provide caring support for individual employees who have been affected by personal bereavement.

Sessions can be delivered over the telephone, in the office, or in the employee’s home. 

We will usually cover:

  • exploring and processing emotions
  • developing coping strategies
  • building resilience
  • adjustment
  • returning to work
  • moving towards acceptance
  • long-term grief management

Employees Affected by work-place Bereavement

The news of a colleague’s death can be incredibly distressing for the rest of your employees.

Many will struggle to come to terms with their grief, as they continue to come to work and carry out their usual routines.

This bespoke service can cover:

  • understanding loss and grief
  • stages of grief
  • common emotions expressed through grief
  • building resilience
  • ideas for remembrance
  • creating a supportive community

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Together we can support your workforce, whatever life throws at them

Your business can benefit from our Supportive Services by:

  • regain focus towards business
  • protect employee wellbeing
  • build a supportive community in the workplace
  • enhanced reputation as an employer of choice

"Her one on one skills really made a huge difference to our employees, allowing them to feel supported and equipped when facing challenging times"


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