'Sandie's programme is very well structured and thought out'

We’ve been asked more and more over recent years to create and deliver bespoke employee training, as one-to-ones, or to present to larger teams or as workshops. We’ve met the need and have created and delivered training in these four areas:

1: Announcements to teams

Your employees can be given the news of a colleague’s diagnosis of terminal illness, chronic disease, condition or impairment, in a sensitive team announcement, devised by us.

Download our free guide: Good bereavement practice in the workplace

2: After Diagnosis, training and workshops

We can also design training with the affected employee to educate colleagues to enable the affected employee to feel included and supported.

Delivered training has included:

  • Understanding loss and grief
  • Mental health disorder awareness
  • How to communicate with a terminally ill colleague

All coachee's complete our mental wellbeing assessment tool. We then create bespoke coaching, support and training around this.

Contact us to give your employees a free evaluation.

3: Presentations, Training and Workshops

What would you do if an employee came to tell you that a family member had committed suicide, or that they had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

Life is full of challenges that don’t magically disappear when we come to work. That’s why stress management and resilience are increasingly important skills to have in the workplace.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is crucial to be able to recognise early stress warning signs in your employees, and to cultivate a ‘toolkit’ of supportive techniques that also allow you to develop personal resilience.

To help you do this, we offer varied levels of training in two specific areas:

· Employee Stress Management and Resilience
· Resilience for the HR Professional

Delivered on a one-to-one or team basis, our interactive workshops cover a wide range of topics that will help you face the challenges of change head on, whilst taking good care of your (and your team’s) wellbeing.

Instead of dwelling on problems and using unhealthy tactics to cope with stress, trauma and tragedy, you will instead learn how to adapt and recover.

Outcomes include increased productivity, improved communication, and a calm and compassionate workplace culture.

4: Public speaking

to aid gender pay gap recruitment initiatives to increase gender diversity.

Public speaking

Sandie speaks on gender equality issues:

In March 2018, Confidence to Return founder Sandie Dennis made a speech to HR professionals titled, 'How to Reduce the Gender Pay Gap' at an event at the House of Commons, London. 

In July 2018, Sandie spoke about, 'Parental Leave - Is there a Solution?' to women solicitors, held in partnership with Women Lawyers and Mothers group and Bird & Bird LLP, London.

In Nov 2019, Sandie spoke at the 'Mind The Gap' event regarding, 'How Flexible Working can help towards closing the Gender Pay Gap.' - London

Together we can support your workforce, whatever life throws at them

'I would highly recommend Sandie to any other employer wanting to provide this unique service to their employees.'


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