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ANON - Senior HR Advisor

Sandie offers comprehensive maternity coaching to our employees to help the transition to motherhood. Her sessions are well structured and she gives a generous amount of time per session to allow our employees to really feel at ease.

Employees have commented that the support they receive before starting their leave has been invaluable and makes a huge difference to how they feel about heading off on maternity leave.

Sandie's coaching has allowed us a Firm to fully support those choosing to take maternity leave, giving them the tools required to feel confident taking the time they need to be with their baby.
Sandie’s sessions incorporate home visits to again help with the transition to motherhood and then to a working mum. Sandie instills confidence in our employees and we feel that is invaluable to us as a Firm. 

We believe that due to Sandie’s coaching our employees are more confident returning to the workplace and allows our employees to speak confidentially about their working arrangements upon their return. We would definitely recommend Sandie’s services to other Firms who are committed to retaining talent and supporting working families in the workplace.  

DR - Head of Development @ Hidden Hearing Ltd

We have been referring employees to Sandie over the last 12 months or so and, in all cases, our employees have reported significant benefit from the support and strategies that Sandie has introduced them to. From an employers perspective this has resulted in observable changes in behaviour and wellbeing in the workplace, resulting in positive outcomes for both the company and the employee. 

We are delighted that Sandie's approach uses a range of tools and techniques to find an effective personal strategy for each individual case, and personality. We will continue to work with 'Confidence to Return' into the future and would recommend other Managers and HR professionals consider Sandie's expertise in supporting their business.

Karen Chalmers - HR Director @ Winckworth Sherwood LLP

Sandie has really helped many of our employees plan a successful "maternity leave" strategy, giving them confidence to address the challenges returning to work can bring. She has also worked with people to help them cope with bereavement within their team which has been invaluable to them and to those facing an uncertain future.

Becky King - HR Partner at CAE (UK) PLC

I cannot recommend Sandie and her services enough. Her one on one coaching skills really made a huge difference to our employees, allowing them to feel supported and equipped when facing
challenging times. The employees were extremely grateful for what she did for them. I have no doubt I will work with her again in the future and will be highly recommending her to my other HR contacts. Thank you Sandie!

Ben Simpson - Director, Boyer Planning Consultants

I can strongly recommend Sandie to any business that wishes to provide positive assistance to its people when they are in the process of returning to work. She is utterly professional and brings a great deal of insight and thought to the business. While she helped us to retain staff and ensured that they were fully equipped and happy to return, she also gave us a lot of invaluable advice on how to manage the team better, and her contribution was therefore magnified and sustained. We will undoubtedly work with her again.

Charlie Keeling - HR Director, HFW LLP, London 

Sandie is an amazing, and very user-friendly operator providing benefit to HR teams, by supplying external Return to Work programmes that enable employees to be fully supported through having a baby, after illness or through a personal bereavement and successfully back to work. I can recommend her unreservedly.

Kate Askew - HR Advisor, Ferdinand Bilstein, Kent 

Sandie has been able to provide an invaluable service to our employees, enabling them to adjust back into the workplace with confidence through 1-1 coaching and mentoring. We hope to continue to work with Sandie for any employee's returning to the workplace after maternity / paternity leave or a long term absence.I would highly recommend Sandie to any other employer wanting to provide this unique service to their employees.

Ian Barratt - Learning & Development Director,  Mind Strengths Ltd

Sandie is a valued member of my associate team and has provided some vital return to work coaching services for one of my key clients. The results have been amazing, with the coaching support offered by Sandie helping employees return to work following maternity leave and making the necessary adjustments with the new-found knowledge.

This is a specialised area and Sandie's approach and expertise are second to none and my client will be extending the return to work coaching with other employees in due course. The additional
value that Sandie adds to my clients is extremely measurable and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to other clients.

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