Webinar: Managing Your Employees' Return to Work Anxiety

After a long period of lockdown, it’s finally time for your employees to go back to the office. But most people are anxious about returning to work for a number of reasons, whether that be worries over their safety or simply re-adjusting to the fast pace of life after months at home.

This webinar is designed to help your employees return to work feeling healthy, safe, and motivated. It draws upon my many years of experience as a return to work specialist, and features a wide range of supporting materials. 

10% of the proceeds from each webinar goes to the charity Trauma Response Network, which offers free and immediate trauma support to those who need it most.

Your employees will learn: 

  • How to stop their negative brain in its tracks
  • How to start focusing on the present instead of worrying about what might happen in the future
  • How to plan their personal return to work
  • Proven anxiety-relieving tips, tools and techniques
  • Strategies for optimising wellbeing in those first few weeks and months
  • Long term proven and highly effective health and wellbeing tips

What’s included in the webinar?

Part 1: (14 minutes)

  • Identifying Global Challenges - an overview of the new challenges we all face and an introduction to how fear and anxiety originate in the brain.
  • Managing Your Personal Risk: analysis of where your life is now, and how you can manage potential anxiety-triggers.

Part 2: (25 minutes)

  • How to Reduce Anxiety and Stay Well at Work: practical, proven tips, tools and techniques to help you feel safe, positive, and in control. 

Part 3: (17 minutes)

  • Bringing the Benefits of Remote Working into The Office: identifying and reflecting on the positive experiences from lockdown, and how to maintain these during your personal transition to the 'new normal'.
  • Early months back at work: a wealth of wellbeing practices to help you sail through those early months.

Included in this package?

Along with the webinar recordings, each employee will receive links of my downloadable resources, including:

  • A summary sheet of the recording
  • Guide: How to Commute Safely in a post-Covid World
  • Guide: Social Distancing Etiquette 
  • Strategy plan: a recap of tools and techniques
  • eBook: Getting Back to Work…Post Covid-19
  • A link to all 12 of my eBooks, for support in popular areas of Covid-focused needs.

How much does it cost?

The webinar and all supporting resources are available for a one off fee of £425. The webinar can be watched on-demand by as many people as you like as many times as they like.

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